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Adlegions SEO Plan focuses on result oriented marketing and promises a 100% effective solution for your online marketing needs. If you hire any SEO company then you must pay upfront and you must wait for months for the SEO results to show on Google ranking . No SEO company ever takes guarantee for Google ranking as the Google ranking factors completely depends upon factors like: Google algorithm, on page and off page SEO scores. Adlegions understands all these risk factors and also understands that customers pay for months to other SEO companies without any results, that is why we came up with our exclusive SEO plan which does not exist in the entire SEO industry. It is so cheap that for first 3 months, you do not pay us anything until you generate revenue from our traffic.We will provide you reports for each month so that you can see and track the progress for SEO. Now you may be wondering why we are proving you 3 months worth of free SEO ? Well, the answer is simple , so that you gain trust on our SEO capabilities and start ranking on Google search . The best part of the deal is that we will provide you a word press website absolutely free which is the leading industry standard for SEO. The need for WordPress arises due to its high user friendly nature and good trust factor by Google in terms of content management . We will create the website from our end without any extra cost and manage on behalf of you. We will be also providing you with a free toll free number for 3 months ,which will provide a very good user impression for your business and help to drive more calls and conversions. We will also integrate a chat software through which you can interact with your customers and that is an optional feature and we recommend that every business or office must have a chat feature on their website .It is the best combined SEO package you can get .While the other companies charges thousands of dollars , we are providing it for free. Please give us a call on our toll free +1-415-800-4184 (US and Canada ) if you have any further queries. We would be happy to help you .