We care for any business type, small or large.

We are dedicated to providing performance-driven digital marketing strategies for any size business. We know how important it is for you to compete online, and whether you are running a small business or a global one, we are the digital marketing company you need. We have provided search engine, video, display and social media marketing for thousands of businesses, and we use our in depth knowledge to make any budget, large or small, work for your business needs. We separate ourselves from our competition by being transparent and giving all of our accounts the attention they deserve.

So, let’s take a look at our wide range of digital marketing services which can help your business to achieve its desired goals.

Google Search Ads

  • Ad Platform: Google adwords
  • Type: Text ads on Google search engines and partners

Bing Search Ads

  • Ad Platform:Bing ads
  • Type:Text ads on Bing search engines and partners

Yahoo Search Ads

  • Ad Platform:Bing ads
  • Type:Text ads on yahoo search engine and partners

Google Display ads

  • Ad Platform:Google adwords
  • Type:Display ads on Google partner websites & Youtube

Social Media Marketing

  • Ad Platform: Facebook Advert
  • Type: Image, Video ads on Facebook & Instagram

Video ads

  • Ad Platform:Google adwords
  • Type:Video ads on Youtube & Google partner websites
  • Youtube in stream ads
  • You pay only when a viewer watches for at least 30 seconds

Youtube in Search ads

  • You pay when a viewer clicks on the video.

Youtube in display ads

  • You pay when a viewer clicks on the video.

Youtube bumper ads

  • Video can’t be skipped, can be maximum of 5 seconds, you pay by 1,000 views, not by per viewer or click

Youtube Video Overlays

Mobile ads

  • Ad Platforms:Google adwords & Bing Ads
  • Type: Mobile app install, mobile in app purchases & mobile app ads


  • Ad Platforms:Adcash,Admedia,& 50 on red
  • Payment on every 1,000 views. Good for Online Games & Entertainment related offers

Shopping ads

  • Ad Platforms: Google adwords, Google merchant center, Bing ads, Bing merchant center
  • Ad Type:Product info, price & image on the search engine result for a product query


  • Ad Platforms: Google Adwords,Bing ads,Facebook ads
  • Ad Type:Display ads on facebook, Google and Bing partner sites

Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO is a great way to boost your traffic for the long run.Paid ads are a great way to advertise online but for a long term strategy, organic ranking is very important.